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  • Campaign Kickoff

    Our group of adventurers have just returned to Daggerford from another successful trade route security detail. Upon return they are presented with invitations to the Grand Dagger Festivities, and they are from the Duke and Dutchess themselves. After …

  • Strange New World

    At the request of the Duchess our adventurer's approached a band of wanderers who had mad camp outside the city. Reports were that these folks were harassing travelers and creating issues with trade into the city. That and they were awfully off-putting …

  • Main Page

    h3. Curse of Strahd Wiki! This is our campaign Wiki. Feel free to help expand on it by adding expanded details to the campaign as you see fit. This is a perfect way for you to help take ownership of this campaign and help flesh things out. It will …

  • Ireena

    Ireena Kolyana was the adopted daughter of Kolyan Indrirovich. She resided in the village of Barovia

  • Ismark the lesser

    Ismark Indrirovich is the son of Kolyan Indrirovich, and stepbrother to Ireena Kolyana. He resides in the village of Barovia