Curse Of Strahd

Welcome to Barovia

The characters were able to escape the haunted house that almost made corpses out of our heroes. They have now been able to explore the rest of the town of Barovia. The heroes met Ismark who is the son of the now former Burgomaster of the town. Ismark has befriended the heroes and he has asked if they can help him get his sister to safety as she has come to the attention of Strahd for some unknown reason.

Ireena is the beautiful sister of Ismark. She has shared that she has been assaulted by Strahd and the marks on her throat are evidence of that. She refuses to leave Barovia until their father, the former Burgomaster, is buried and put to rest at the church.

Arrival at the church have brought the characters in contact with Donavich who is the local priest of the church.

Blindly forging on!

Owen: “No orbs, doors or footlockers shall impede me. Lathander’s light will protect me — and in turn, I will protect the others.”

Those kids
Nope nope nope nope nope

Owen: “Y’know, I believe in the mercy of Lathander and all, but those kids ain’t right.”

Strange New World
A more substantial launch night :)

At the request of the Duchess our adventurer’s approached a band of wanderers who had mad camp outside the city. Reports were that these folks were harassing travelers and creating issues with trade into the city. That and they were awfully off-putting as the Duchess remarked.

With that the adventurers approached the camp and were greeted warmly and offered to join them at their fire for wine and a exchange of stories. Although the adventurers were not forthcoming with a story the host of the travelers did share one with them. A strange tale on how their people helped a fleeing nobleman who was wounded. they nurtured him back to strength and helped him reclaim this throne from invaders. For their help the nobleman allowed them to roam throughout his realm without issue, and promised them that they would have their freedom from his rule.

With that the dwarf took a hardy drink or two of wine and the group headed out into the night back to town. A strange fog began to roll in quickly and swallowed up the adventurers, who became lost in the dark and the fog. They decided to make camp and set out for the city at first light.

Upon awaking they have found that the fog had retreated somewhat and became a more persistent mist, shrouding the tops of trees, but afforded them enough light to make out their surroundings and the grim realization that they were not where they thought they were. After some orienteering they decided to follow the road they had camped beside, and after some time they found an ominous gate flanked by two headless statues. Not far from the gate they found a body that contained a message on it. As the retrieved the message they were beset upon by unusually large wolves, but were able to escape with the use of magic and a show of force.

They continued down the road and found what looks to be a village, although the fog clings to the buildings here, causing difficulty in seeing the village as a whole, whey were approached by two young children who say they have a monster in their house, and have asked the heroes for help in dispatching it.

Campaign Kickoff
or kind of....

Our group of adventurers have just returned to Daggerford from another successful trade route security detail. Upon return they are presented with invitations to the Grand Dagger Festivities, and they are from the Duke and Dutchess themselves. After some discussion it is decided that the adventurers (however much they may be out of their element) will attend. It has been discussed that this is a gala that is put on to celebrate the founding of their community, and as the adventurers have done so much for Daggerford that they would be rewarded with an invitation.

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