Curse Of Strahd

Welcome to Barovia

The characters were able to escape the haunted house that almost made corpses out of our heroes. They have now been able to explore the rest of the town of Barovia. The heroes met Ismark who is the son of the now former Burgomaster of the town. Ismark has befriended the heroes and he has asked if they can help him get his sister to safety as she has come to the attention of Strahd for some unknown reason.

Ireena is the beautiful sister of Ismark. She has shared that she has been assaulted by Strahd and the marks on her throat are evidence of that. She refuses to leave Barovia until their father, the former Burgomaster, is buried and put to rest at the church.

Arrival at the church have brought the characters in contact with Donavich who is the local priest of the church.


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